Doctoral Research

List of Ph. D. Students
Sl. No. Scholar Name Guide Name Title Fellowship Reg Date
1 Prathibha Hosur A R Kulkarni Gender Inequality in Higher Education in Karnataka : Causes and Consequences (URS) University Research Schorship 12-05-2018
2 Basavaraj Mahajanshetti A R Kulkarni Evaluation of Loan Waiver Scheme in Karnataka: A Study of Selected District No 04-10-2018
3 Nayana F Patil A R Kulkarni Storage and Warehousing of Agricultural Products in Karnataka: Accessibility and Utilization ICSSR 13-12-2017
4 Shanmukha Hiremath A R Kulkarni Corporate Social Responsibility: An Impact Study with Special Reference to Karnataka No 05-12-2018
5 Kalal Axata A R Kulkarni Child Health Care Services in Karnataka: Accessibility and Utilisation ICSSR 13-12-2017
6 Basavaraj A R Kulkarni An Economic Analysis of Millets Cultivation in Karnataka: A Case Study of Dharwad District State OBC fellowship 09-07-2021
7 Mookappa channadasar A R Kulkarni Cultivation of Pomegranate and it s Impact on Income and Employment of Farmers No 13-12-2017
8 Pooja R Kulkarni Jai Prabhakar S C Adaptation and Variations among Mongoloids of Mundgod, Karnataka -An Anthropometric Study Monthly URS from KUD 09-12-2019
9 Basavaraj Pundappanavar Jai Prabhakar S C An Anthological Study of Ageing and Wellbeing among Scheduled Tribes in Karnataka, India No 08-12-2018
10 Ashok Patil Jai Prabhakar S C A Bio-Cultural Study on Endosulfan Pesticide Affected Victims of Karnataka. ICSSR 08-12-2018
11 Syed Abdul Qadir B. Makandar Jai Prabhakar S C Impact of COVID-19 on the rural population of Dharwad District of Karnataka - An Anthropological Study URS (University Research Scholarship) 09-12-2019
12 Pavan Ramesh Terdal Jai Prabhakar S C A Bio-cultural Study on Highest Incidence of Twins No 09-12-2019
13 Maithili Karthik Jai Prabhakar S C Impact of Maternal Nutritional Factors on the Health Status of Mother and Children: An Anthropological Study in the Soliga Tribes of Southern Karnataka No 25-10-2022
14 Chethana Veerabhadrappa Nayanatara Nayak Accessibility and Utilization of Maternal Health Care Services In Rural Karnataka ICSSR Institutional Fellowship 13-12-2017
15 Shanta Mathapati Nayanatara Nayak Crop Insurance in India: A Study of Selected Districts in North Karnataka ICSSR Institutional Fellowship 13-12-2017
16 Tammanagouda Nayanatara Nayak Production and Marketing of Agriculture Produce in Karnataka. No 13-12-2017
17 Jyoti Naragund Nayanatara Nayak ಆಧುನೀಕರಣದಿಂದ ವೃತ್ತಿಕಸಬುದಾರರು ಎದುರಿಸುತ್ತಿರುವ ಬಿಕ್ಕಟ್ಟುಗಳು No 14-09-2019
18 Saniya S Nayanatara Nayak Production,Marketing and Export of indian Coffee in Pre and Post Liberilisation Period No 16-03-2017
19 Balakrishna Bendre S.V Hanagodimath Fiscal Management by Indian State Governments Department of Other Backward Classes, Government of karnataka 13-12-2017
20 Geeta Sandigodamath S.V Hanagodimath Ayurvedic Medical Tourism In Karnataka State OBC fellowship 07-09-2021
21 Hemashree Kurabatalli S.V Hanagodimath Infrastructure and Economic Development in India OBC 13-12-2017
22 Jyoti Mogaveera Nayanatara Nayak Decentralization and Womens Empowerment A Case Study of Udupi District No 16-03-2017
23 Deepa Mantur S.V Hanagodimath An analysis of Regional Disparities in Karnataka Monthly 09-07-2021
24 Jambayya Nayak S.V Hanagodimath Tourism in Karnataka: Challenges and Opportunities JRF 13-12-2017
25 Bheemappa S.V Hanagodimath Regional Imbalances in Rural Development in India No 05-12-2018
26 Dattatri V. B. Annigeri Financing and growth of higher education in Hyderabad Karnataka region No 13-12-2017
27 Siddappa Mali V. B. Annigeri Public Expenditure on Health in Karnataka No 13-12-2017
28 Asma Jabeen MakandaAsnar V. B. Annigeri Education Accounts: An Investigation of Flow of Funds to Higher education in Karnataka ICSSR 13-12-2017
29 Savita Mashibinal V. B. Annigeri Social Security Benefits in North karnataka : Evaluation of indira Gandhi National Old Age Pension Scheme. BCWD 13-12-2017