• To undertake research work with multi-disciplinary perspectives on specific socio-economic problems of Karnataka, of the Indian economy and also of the developing economies in general, through the agency of its own staff, and such special research and other staff as may be appointed from time to time.
  • To arrange for continuous investigation into economic problems of fundamental theoretical nature and attempt to recast the various accepted theoretical frames into a new mould of relevance to the socio-economic characteristics of the economy.
  • To conduct investigations to aid the Government, organisations of employers, workers etc., or of other bodies of persons interested in promoting a study pertaining to socio-economic issues
  • To provide consultancy services on such practical aspects like market analysis, project evaluation and feasibility, financial analysis, budget formulation and analysis, etc.
  • To build up a research and reference Library in social sciences and other related disciplines.
  • To undertake publications of professional journals, monographs, etc., to disseminate important research findings.
  • To conduct refresher courses and research seminars on social sciences with an emphasis on a multi-disciplinary approach.
  • To undertake and publish studies on the socio-economic and cultural themes which require analysis with multi-disciplinary approach.