Dr. D. M. Nanjundappa Chair

Dr. Amrutha T. Joshi

Ph.D (Agricultural Economics)
Adjunct Professor
Areas of Special interest: Agricultural Economics

Email : amruthajoshi@gmail.com

Objectives of the Chair

  • Monitoring the programmes and flew of funds targeted for reducing regional imbalances
  • Identifying new areas falling into backward region category and analyzing reasons for backwardness; similarly, keep a watch on the developmental status of different regions on the basis of the indicators of development as worked out by HPCFRRI and monitor whether some of the areas turn out to be developed over the period of time so that policy interventions can be relocated from such regions to the regions that deserve support and attention.
  • Reconsider the indicators of development as identified by HPCFRRI and examine whether different sets of parameters need to be considered as the basis for identifying the backward regions in the state. Since this is one of the terms of reference of the on going High Powered Committee of Government of Karnataka under the Chairmanship of Sri Namoshi the research activities of the Prof OM Nanjundappa Chair would provide the necessary research support to the working of this Committee.
  • Highlight priority areas for immediate action and intervention
  • Promoting inclusion of backward area development programmes in district planning
  • Developing intervention strategy to boost the economy of backward regions through relevant programmes and necessary doses of intervention in infrastructure, education, health, agriculture, etc. and present it to the Government of Karnataka
  • Make suggestions for investments and programmes for overall development of backward regions in Karnataka
  • To make an analysis of the experiences of other states in identifying and developing backward regions